Managing Equipment


Learn how to:

  • Create new equipment
  • Create qualification documentation for equipment

Outcomes and Prerequisites

Expected Outcome

  • Users are equipped to handle equipment in SimplerQMS

Prerequisites for all

  • Must be logged in to SimplerQMS
  • Must be a member of one of these ‘User Groups’ to view records:
    • All internal and external users
  • Must be a member of one of these ‘User Groups’ to create new records
    • All Contributors

Prerequisites for creating Equipment

  • Must be a member of one of these ‘User Groups’
    • Manufacturing

Section 1: Creating Equipment Record – Initiator

To create Equipment Records, the initiator needs to be part of the Manufacturing User Group.

Step 1.1 – Create new equipment

There are multiple ways to create equipment in SimplerQMS:

  1. In the Create New section, on your Home page, click on Equipment.

2. Click on the Create (+) next to the Home tab and choose Equipment from the dropdown list

3. On the left side of the screen, expand Create and click on Equipment

A Metadata Card will pop up.

Step 1.2 – Fill out the metadata card

Part 1: Equipment Information
Field nameDescriptionNote
Equipment Number*The number of the equipmentIt can be a serial number
Equipment Name*The specific name of the equipment 
Site(s)*The site(s) related to the equipment 
Department*The department the equipment is related toIt can be multiple departments
Responsible Person*The person who is responsible for the equipment management 
Customer*Customer(s) related to the equipment 
Product Item*Product(s) related to the equipment 
Attribute List 1*Editable attribute list 1 related to equipmentDefined by the organization
Attribute List 2*Editable attribute list 2 related to the equipmentDefined by the organization

If you need to create a periodic calibration schedule for this equipment, then fill in these fields:

Part 2: Periodic Calibration Scheduling Values
Field nameDescriptionNote
Period End Date*The date when the periodic calibration scheduling endsA notification is sent to the RP 3 days before the period end date of the equipment
Activation Date*The date when the periodic calibration scheduling is activated 
Interval*The interval that specifies how often the periodic qualification needs to take place 
Part 3: Intervals
Field nameDescriptionNote
Time Unit*The time unit for the periodic calibration interval 
Time to Complete*How long it takes to complete the calibration 
Activation Time Unit*The time unit for how long it takes to complete the calibration 

When you are done filling in the relevant fields, then click Create.

Section 2: Classifying the new equipment – Responsible Person

Select the new equipment you just created.

Under “State Transition” on the left side, you can pick

  • “Quality-Critical” Equipment or
  • “Standard” Equipment

  1. If this is a calibrated equipment, then click Quality-Critical in the Task Area under State Transition:
    1. The state should be “Pending Calibration”
    2. Calibration Status should be “Not Calibrated”
    3. Quality Category should be “Quality Critical”
  2. Refer to Section 3.

3. If this is Standard equipment, click Standard in the Task Area under State Transition.

a. Calibration Status should be “Not needed for standard equipment”

b. Quality Category should be “Standard”

4. Proceed to Section 4.

Section 3: Calibrating an Equipment – Responsible Person

Step 3.1 – Equipment Calibration

Complete this step to finish the equipment calibration.

Select the relevant equipment and click “Create Quality Document” under “Actions “on the left side of the screen

Search for the Equipment Calibration Template in the overview, which then pops up and select the template.

Click Next.

Step 3.2 – Completing Equipment Calibration

To complete the Equipment Calibration, you will need to back it up with a supporting document according on your organization’s procedure.

To directly link your Equipment to a Quality Document:

Stand on the Equipment and on the left side under the Actions; click on Quality Document.

Refer to the instructions from Work Instruction: Managing Quality Documents on how to work with Quality Documents.

After completing the quality document, go back to the equipment you are working on, click “Calibration Task Completed” in the Task Menu under the “State Transition” in the top left corner to complete the calibration task.

Enter your electronic signature and click Sign to complete Calibration Task.

Note: It is not possible to complete the calibration task if the scheduling values are empty.

Periodic Review

In the metadata card, a Periodic schedule for re-calibration is automatically populated. This means that the responsible person will be notified on the activation date for re-qualification.

The “Upcoming Dates” are based on the scheduling values as below:

This means that the responsible person will be notified on the activation date for re-qualification.

Section 4: Reviewing a Standard Equipment – Responsible Person

When a responsible person sends the equipment for review, Periodic Maintenance task will show up under the Recalibration/Review Schedule on a default settings as shown below:

Find the equipment that needs to be reviewed and click on “Send for Review”.

State should be “Pending Review” and the scheduling values can now be edited and set.

When the scheduling values are set to the desired figures, click on “Review Task Completed”

Enter your electronic signature and then click OK.

The state should now be “Review Task Completed”, and the next qualification dates have been set.

Note: The equipment review can be on the state of “Review Overdue!” when it is past the Period End Date. The responsible person will receive a notification 3 days before it goes on overdue. In this case, the review must be completed immediately by clicking on “Review Task Completed” and then enter the electronic signature.

Section 5: Recalibrating an Equipment – Responsible Person

In case the equipment changes status from being Calibrated Equipment, you can reclassify the equipment by following these steps:

  1. Search for the equipment and select the equipment
  2. In the Task Area click Reclassify Equipment.

3. In the Task Area choose Standard or Quality-Critical and go to Section 3.

Section 6: Making the equipment Not Current – Archived – Responsible Person

If the equipment is no longer used, it needs to be marked as Not Current – Archived.

Search for the equipment and select it.

In the Task Area under the “State Transition” on the left side of the screen click “Not Current – Archive”.

The equipment is now marked as Not Current – Archived and can no longer be related to documents, products etc.

If the equipment is to be used again, after it was marked obsolete, then:

Search for and select the equipment.

In the Task Area click Reactivate Equipment.

Section 7: Adding assignments to an Equipment – Responsible Person

When an assignment is created to an equipment, the person assigned to it will be notified to make updates or changes. The task to carry out is defined by the initiator of the assignment in the Assignment Description of the metadata card.

Search for the equipment and under Document Actions, click on “Create Equipment Assignment”.

For further instructions, refer to Work Instruction: Working with Assignments, Periodic Tasks and Reminder Rule.

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