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Creating and Managing Quiz

Choose to watch our introduction and training video, or read the step-by-step instructions below.


Learn how to manage and create quizzes and assign quizzes to users for learning.

Outcomes and Prerequisites

Expected Outcome

  • Users are equipped to create quizzes in SimplerQMS
  • Users are equipped to create quiz learning rules, and thus assign quizzes to users for learning

Prerequisites for all

  • Must be logged in to SimplerQMS
  • Must be a member of one of these ‘User Groups’ to view and manage quizzes:
    • All internal and external users
    • All Contributors
    • Training Manager
  • Must be a member of one of these ‘User Groups’ to create and manage new quizzes:
    • All Contributors
    • Training Manager

Prerequisites for creating Quiz and Quiz Learning Rule

  • Must be a member of one of these ‘User Groups’:
    • Training Manager

Section 1: Workflow overview

The workflow below outlines the end-to-end process of creating a quiz.

Section 2: Creating a Quiz

Step 2.1 – Create Quiz – Training Manager

There are multiple ways to create a Quiz in SimplerQMS:

  1. In the Create New section, on your Home Tab, click on Quiz
    • Click on the Create button (+) next to the Home Tab and choose Quiz from the dropdown list
    • On the left side of the screen, expand Create and click on Quiz

2. Select Class – Quiz

A Metadata Card will pop up.

Step 2.2 – Fill in the Metadata Card

Part 1: Quiz Information
Field nameDescriptionNote
Short Title*The title you want to run the quiz on – a short description, result of a parent document or purpose of quiz 
Site(s)*The legal entity that the quiz is tied to 
Department*Select appropriate department that the quiz should be tagged under (no implications other than tagging for views) 
Number of Questions*Total number of questions you want to add to the quiz – this is limited by a dropdown menu to max 15 questions 
Passing Criteria*The number of correct answers required for participants to pass the quiz
This number can be equal to the number of question, or a lower number than that
DescriptionA short summary of what the quiz is about
ArchiveSelect an archive if necessary 
Part 2: Workflow Process Information
Field nameDescriptionNote
Responsible Person*Person assigned to a specific quiz with broader access rights, such as modifying reviewers, closing a review immediately, updating and retiring quiz
Author(s)*Person that drafts/authors the quiz 
ReviewersOptional if a review is necessary for the quiz 
Approver(s)*Person who approves the quiz 
Part 3: Relations – standalone quizzes can also exist, it is never mandatory to add any document relations
Field nameDescriptionNote
DocumentYou can select document(s) that are relevant for solving this quiz. This can be any quality document with an active working copy (preferably released, see note) If the document you associate with the quiz is not released yet, the quiz itself cannot be released
Current Released Version(s)Will be populated automatically with the latest released version of the document(s) chosen on the field above.
Once the quiz is released it will keep pointing to the effective version at the time of approval. This means that if the document is updated, the quiz will point to the retired version.

Note: The Document field is a “soft” reference to ensure a link between any relevant documents and the quiz. This reference will also be added to the Quiz Training Records, but any change in the state of the referenced documents does not impact the quiz. Hence, the quiz needs to be updated if the related document has also been updated, otherwise the training records will reference a retired document version.

A quiz can be created in connection with learning of one or more documents, or as a standalone quiz not directly linked to a document. The examples below cover both scenarios:

Part 4: Questions
Field nameDescriptionNote
Question 1-15The number of questions will depend on the number chosen in the Number of Questions field.
Answers will be in a multiple choice format and author will specify the correct answer.
QuestionThe question and possible answers have to be written in the text field, with the question being added on the top empty line and the possible answers on their respective lines. You can choose to not include a possible answer on all 4 lines. The answers field will still show all 4 choices but leaving the option blank or filled with N/A will signal to quiz takers that those are not to be chosen. 
AnswerChoose 1 correct answer from the list of answers. If you haven’t utilized all 4 lines, do not choose the options which do not have a corresponding answer in the Question field above. 

Note: To route a quiz to a different author than the person who initiated the quiz, you need to set Number of Questions to “01”, Passing Criteria to “01” and provide the correct answer for the Question 1 that pops up. The Author is later able to edit these fields.

  1. Click Create after filling out all necessary information on the metadata card
  2. Working copy of the new quiz is assigned to the author
  3. Modifying the quiz is still possible while the state is in “New Draft”

Section 3: Authoring the Quiz

Note: If the document is controlled by a Change Request, the CR Plan needs to be approved before moving on to the next steps!    

Step 3.1 – Author the new quiz – Author

  1. Identify number of questions and passing criteria
  2. If relevant, choose document(s) that the quiz is related to
  3. Create questions (relevant to the document)

4. Create possible answers in multiple choice format

a. If you prefer to limit the number of answers between 2-4 then you can omit adding an answer in all 4 fields . The number of answers will remain 4, so it is a good idea to add N/A as an answer to the fields you don’t intend to use.

5. Specify 1 correct answer

a. If following the above example, never choose answers which are marked with N/A or are unfilled

Step 3.1 – Author the new quiz – Author

  1. Under State Transition, click on “Route for Review”
  2. State on metadata card should be “Review Ongoing”
  3. Reviewer will be notified, and the quiz will be under their “Assigned to Me”

Option 2: Route for approval without Review

  1. Under State Transition, click on “Route for Approval without Review”
  2. State on metadata card should be “Awaits Approval Signature(s)”

Section 4: Reviewing the Quiz

(Skip this Section if there is no reviewer assigned, and proceed to Section 5)

When the quiz has been routed for a review, it assigns to the Reviewer and the State in the metadata is “Review Ongoing”.

  1. Review the quiz

a. Reviewer has the same level of access rights as the author when the quiz is on the “Review Ongoing” state which means you can change the number of questions, passing criteria and thus either add/remove questions or modify the questions and answers written by the author.

2. Save changes on metadata.

3. When the review has been completed, click on “My Review Task Completed”

a. It is  only recommended to route the quiz back to draft by pressing “Route Back to Draft”, if there are too many modifications needed after the review process.

State should change to “Review Closed”

Section 5: Finalizing the Quiz

This step is only relevant if the quiz has been routed for Review

Step 5.1 – Route for Approval – Author

When the document has been routed for a review, it assigns to the document Reviewer and the State in the metadata is “Review Ongoing”.

  1. Under State Transition, the author has the options to
    • “Route Back to Draft” – if the author needs to rewrite the quiz, they can restart the process from Section 3 by pressing this button.
    • “Route for Another Review” – if multiple changes have been made after a review has been done, it is recommended to send it for another review
    •  “Route for Approval” – to move forward with the quiz for approval – proceed to Section 6
  2. To get the quiz approved and released, click on “Route for Approval”

Section 6: Approving the Quiz

The quiz should now be assigned to the Approver(s) and the state is” Awaits Approval Signature(s)”.

At this stage, no changes can be made on the quiz metadata.

Step 6.1 – Approve the Quiz – Approver

  1. Select the quiz and under State Transition click on “Approve Quiz”

2. Approve the quiz with your electronic signature using your SimplerQMS log-in and password

a. If the Approver is not satisfied with the quiz, they can reject it which will go back to draft and the process from Section 3 starts all over again.

b. In case of multiple approvers, it is enough if only one of them rejects the quiz for it to go back to draft and be reassigned to the author. All approvers have to approve the quiz for its release.

The quiz will be released in state “Released”.

Section 7: Routing for Updates – Author / Responsible Person

These commands are available for the author and responsible person.

If the quiz needs to be updated to a new version, select the working copy (Blue Icon) and under State Transition click on “Route for Updates”.

  1. The state should change to “Awaits Updates” and the title should update to include the next version number (e.g., v2)
  2. The quiz to update is assigned to the author. Go through the actions described in Section 3, (4 and 5), and 6

Note: When a quiz is updated the related training records that are still pending will become not required and new training records will be triggered for all users 

Section 8: Routing for Retirement – Author / Responsible Person

  1. If the quiz needs to be retired, select the working copy (Blue Icon) and under State Transition click on “Retire Quiz”.
  2. Enter your electronic signature to finish the quiz retirement

The state should change to “Retired Quiz”

Note: When a quiz is updated the related training records that are still pending will become not required and new training records will be triggered for all users 

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