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Installing SimplerQMS M-Files on Windows with the Sandbox Vault


Installing M-Files on a PC.

Outcomes and Prerequisites


M-Files Application for SimplerQMS has been installed on a PC.


The PC must comply with the system requirements, see https://www.m-files.com/user-guide/latest/eng/operating_system_requirements.html

Step 1 – Download the M-Files Installation Package                 

Go through the following steps to install SimplerQMS M-Files:
Open a web browser and go to www.simplerqms.com/test

You will be redirected to our file share on SharePoint. 

Download the installation package:

After you have downloaded the installation package, you might see different warning messages such as these:

Click Keep and then Keep anyway.

Then Run the installation package.

You might see this message:

Click More info and Run anyway.

Step 2 – Install the M-Files Online Application              

The M-Files Installation Wizard will appear:

  1. Click “Next”. The End-User License Agreement will now appear.
  2. Select “I accept the license agreement” and click “Next”
    • Depending on your Windows version and setup, the following dialogue box might appear: “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” Click Yes. M-Files will now start installing.
  3. You will then see: “M-Files has been successfully installed.”
  4. Untick the checkbox “Start M-Files Desktop configuration.”
  5. Click Finish.

Step 3 – Login to SimplerQMS / M-Files

Note: You will only be able to complete this step after receiving your login credentials from SimplerQMS.

You should now see a Microsoft Log-in window:

If you don’t see this window, then go to your desktop and click the M-Files icon.

1. If you previously used another Microsoft account, then click “Use another account”

2. Log in using the credentials you receive from our team members

  • Look out for the following:
    • The email address should end in “@simplerqmstest2.com”

3. Wait for this dialogue box to appear (this can take up to 20 sec.):

Click Allow. The M-Files Applications has now been installed and will now open.

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