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Getting Started

Getting started with SimplerQMS.

Accessing SimplerQMS M-Files Mobile

SimplerQMS is also available through the M-Files mobile application for iOS and Android devices. With the mobile applications, you can see vault content, mark...

Creating New Users in Azure Active Directory

To create new users in Azure Active Directory and assign Groups, follow these steps: 1. Log in to Microsoft Azure...

Working with M-files – SimpleQMS

Purpose Learn how to: Set up/install M-Files/SimplerQMS application on a Windows platform Get around M-Files/SimplerQMS application on a Windows platform...

Installing SimplerQMS M-Files on Windows and Adding Vaults

Purpose Installing M-Files on a PC. Step 1 – Download the M-Files Installation Package                  Go through the following steps...

Getting Started with SimplerQMS M-Files in Chrome Web Browser

Purpose Tutorial for the first use of SimplerQMS in the Chrome Web Browser. Step 1 Open your Chrome Web Browser....

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