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External Electronic Signature Blocks PDF Release Inside SimplerQMS

The system will encounter PDF processing issues when uploading documents that have external electronic / digital signatures on them (e.g. Adobe Sign).

This is regardless of the Class it is filed under, because these files get encrypted by the software used to add the signature.

This is something to keep in mind when signing documents using an electronic signature application. This also applies when filing documentation received from external sources with existing electronic / digital signatures.

The best way to avoid this situation is to save a copy of the original PDF through Print to PDF:

1. Open file including the external signature

2. Hit Ctrl+P or open the print dashboard

3. Select “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the printer setting

4. Save as a flattened file on the desktop

5. Upload to SimplerQMS

If you have already filed the document and only noticed this issue once the version 1 has been approved, then the document will need to be routed for updates and re-filed using the method above.

Alternatively, the choice can be made to release in native format, but that will entail that the signatures captured inside SimplerQMS will not be added as the last page of the document, as M-Files will not process the uploaded file as a PDF – meaning no overlay either.

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