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How to Destroy Local Data to Reset Permissions

In the event that you encounter difficulties when attempting to create items that are within your user group access, a potential solution involves destroying your local data.

Please follow the guide below:

Before doing any of these steps, make sure that you have no documents checked out to yourself in the vault whereyou want to destroy data! (Production or Test/Training)

Then ensure to log out properly from the system by clicking on your initials up in the righthand corner and logging out:

1. Open the hidden icons [^] on your taskbar

2. Right-click on the M-Files logo

3. Hover over Settings and click on M-Files Desktop Settings

4. Click on the Settings tab

5. Then on Computer-Specific Settings

6. This might ask for admin rights, click Yes

Note: if you have admin control on your laptop you might not be able to do this without the person controlling it

7. Click on Destroy Local Data

8. Click on the production vault

9. Then click Destroy

If the destroy button is greyed out, you need to first log out of SimplerQMS

10. Click Yes

Exit all the windows and try logging into the production vault again

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