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Managing Training and Learning


Learn how to:

  • Set up training and learning in SimplerQMS
  • Manage tracking the completion of training

Outcomes and Prerequisites

Expected Outcome

  • Training & Learning is maintained accurately in SimplerQMS

Prerequisites for all

  • Must be logged in to SimplerQMS
  • Must be a member of one of these ‘User Groups’ to view records:
    • All internal and external users
  • Must be a member of one of these ‘User Groups’ to create new records
    • Training Managers

Section 1: Assigning a Training Group

The person who is responsible for assigning training group to users, needs to be a member of the Human Resources / Metadata Administrator User Group.

Find the relevant users by either using the Persons view under Masterdata Views on the Home tab, Browse box or by searching for the relevant person in the search bar.

Select the user(s) and choose one or more Training Group. Then click Save.

If the Training Group you wish to use does not exist, a user with the metadata administrator role can create the value by clicking on the  that appears above the field.

Section 2: Creating and Approving Learning Rule

The person who creates learning rules must have a Training Manager role. The importance of creating learning rules is to capture the learner’s acknowledgement of reading and understanding a document published within the system.

Note: This Work Instruction only focuses on Document Learning Management. For Quiz Learning Rules and more information about Quizzes, read our WI: Creating and Managing Quiz.

Step 2.1 – Create a Learning Rule – Training Manager

There are multiple ways to create a Learning Rule in SimplerQMS:

I. In the Create New section, on your Home Tab, click on Learning Rule

a. Click on the Create (+) next to the Home Tab and choose Learning Rule from the dropdown list

b. On the left side of the screen, expand Create and click on Learning Rule

II. Alternatively, when the training manager is pointing to the document, under Actions, click on  “Set Learning Rule”

III. Select the Class “Document Learning Rule”

Note: A learning rule can be created as early as on Draft state of the document. It will only create a training record to users when the conditions are all met. Refer to section 3: Learning Rule Condition of this work instruction.

A Metadata Card will pop up.

Step 2.2 – Fill out the metadata card for Learning Rule

Fill the following sections on the metadata card:

Part 1: Learning Rule Information
Field nameDescriptionNote
Class*Choose Document Learning RuleFor Quiz Learning Rules, refer to our WI Creating and Managing Quiz
Responsible Person*A person assigned as the responsible for the learning rule. They can manage the learning rule by carrying out actions with additional access rights. 
Documents To LearnTargeted document(s) of this learning rule 
Reason or Justification*A statement that supports as to why the document(s) should be learned 
Job RolesRelated Training Group of this learning ruleSelect one or more

When you are done filling out the relevant fields, then Click Create

Under the Timeline Section the default values are:

  • Grace Period: 2 Weeks
  • Validity Period: 1 Year

This means that the employees need to learn the document within 2 weeks and that the learning record is valid for 1 year.

When the validity period expires, the record automatically becomes available for re-learning. Further details of Learning Rule are available on Assignment Description once it has been created and it is assigned to the Responsible Person.

Step 2.3 – Approving the Learning Rule – Training Manager

 Click Approve Learning Rule under the “State Transition”.

I. Enter your electronic signature and then click OK.

Once the Learning Rule is approved the status will update to “Approved – Learning Enabled” and the training records/documents are created for the learners.

Section 3: Receiving Learning Notification – Learners

Learning Rule Conditions

  • Learning rules have been approved with the documents in the documents to learn field and training group
  • Training group users are applicable for from learning rules have been applied on the person’s metadata
  • Persons (with training groups) must be in status “current”
  • Documents mentioned on learning rule have been approved and are either in For Learning or Effective state

The learning assignment will be available on the users ‘Assigned to Me’ section.

User 1:

User 2:

Each user will have the same assignment description in the Metadata under Training Record Info which describes the actions they need to carry out.

Section 4: Reading Relevant Documents – Learners

Once the users have received the assigned training record, the documents to be acknowledged should be read thoroughly.

I. To find the document that needs to be learned, click on the expand arrow on the left side of the training record.

II. Click on the expand arrow on the left of “Version(s) to Learn”

III. Double click on the document(s) to read.

Section 5: Acknowledging the Training Record – Learners

Once the user(s) finished reading the document, click on Read and Understood under “State Transition”.

Enter your electronic signature and then click OK.

Section 6: Training Completion Tracker – Training Manager

The Training manager has the ability to see a list of users who have already signed Read and Understood for the training record.

Note: If learning is still not completed close to the deadline, it will update its status to “3 Days or Less to Overdue”

Section 7: Learning Overdue – Training Manager

When the Learning is not signed beyond due date, the Status will update to “Learning Overdue”, and the learner will receive a notification that the learning requirement is overdue. The assignment needs to be signed as “Read and Understood” under State Transition as soon as possible.

Section 8: Updating the Learning Rule – Training Manager

To update the Learning Rule, the Training Manager can update the rule even after being approved by selecting the learning that needs to be modified. Under “State Transition” click on Update Rule.

This makes the metadata editable again.

I. On Metadata, click on “Document(s) to Learn” to add more relevant documents to learn

II. The following fields can also be modified while the status is “Awaits Updates”

a. Learners (by job roles)

b. Timelines – lengthening or shortening the Grace Period and Validity Period

Click on save once done updating the necessary fields.

III. To approve the updated Learning Rule, Under the State Transition click on “Approve Learning Rule”.

Refer to Section 2, Step 2.3.

Section 9: Retiring the Learning Rule – Training Manager

I. The Training Manager can set the Learning Rule to retired. Under “State Transition” click on Retire Rule.  

II. Enter your electronic signature and then click OK.

Once the Learning Rule is retired the remaining unsigned Training Records will become “Not Required”

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