Lypanosys seems like the sort of international venture that cloud computing was invented for. And so far, the company has been able to make the cloud work: all of the company’s documents reside on a hosted server and can be easily shared among the project participants. As a result, Lypanosys can operate virtually — or one could say, “office-lessly.”
Blaine Ah Yuk-Winters: “We needed a solution that would allow us to get all of our files in a cloudbased document management system to access wherever we are.” He explains the company tried out two cloud-based systems. One was problematic and was abandoned after two weeks due to issues with speed and an inefficient user interface. The second, M-Files Cloud Vault, was a success.


“Overall, our experience with M-Files has been quite good. The system is fast, and the searching and retrieving features are great. The way you can sort documents into different classes and groups of classes with metadata is fantastic.”

– Blaine Ah Yuk-Winters Project Manager, Lypanosys


M-Files brings order to document disarray by giving every item in the cloud repository a unique file identity, programmable permission controls, and a complete version history.
“M-Files saved us a lot of time over what we had going on with just a folder structure. Back then, when we had to submit a filing to the FDA it was difficult finding the relevant documentation we needed. There were duplicates everywhere. Trying to find a document and not knowing which version was the latest was pretty much a nightmare. Automatic file versioning is essential when you have five people in different locations revising the same work.”
Flexible permission controls on certain classes of documents also enables third party consultants and advisors to login into the company’s system and access a select set of material and save their own revisions of documents, without the risk of upsetting the organizational scheme.

“The ability to share files with consultants overseas has proved very handy. They can pull files whenever they want at any time they want.”

– Blaine Ah Yuk-Winters Project Manager, Lypanosys