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Remove Personal Microsoft Email Account From Microsoft Work Account

This article addresses the issue where you get an error message when you try to login to SimplerQMS. And you know the issue is caused by a personal 

Microsoft account being used for a Microsoft work account. To confirm that this is the issue follow the steps in Login Error Due to Microsoft Work Account is Used for Microsoft Personal Account If you are interested in learning more about the cause of this issue, then please see article How To Change The Login For Your Microsoft Personal Account

In this example you try to login to SimplerQMS with your email address, but receive an error message. Let’s say the login address is “name@company.com“. The reason why you receive the error message is that your work email address is associated with a personal Microsoft account. To fix this, we need disassociate your work email address from the personal Microsoft account. This done by creating a new personal email address and associating this with your personal Microsoft account. This will “free” your Microsoft work account and fix the login issue.

1. Go to https://login.live.com and login with the email address which is not working for SimplerQMS. If you don’t know the password for this email account, then try to reset the password.

2. Click Your Info in the top menu and then scroll down to Account Info and click Edit account info

3. This page should look like this screenshot. Click Add email.

4. Choose “Create a new email address and add it as an alias” and choose a unique outlook.com email address. Fx. john.doe99@outlook.com. Then click Add alias. This new email address will not be used. The only purpose of creating it is to associate it with your personal Microsoft account.

5. Click Make primary next to the new email address

6. Click Remove next to the old email address

Remember, the change you’re making has no effect on your business mailbox.

7. Open a new Incognito window in Chrome and try to login to SimplerQMS through our Web Interface

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