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Error Message: MFStatus application status is not running

Prior to trying this solution, please make sure that you have rebooted your PC. This issue occurs if a machine or laptop is not rebooted for quite a while.

If rebooting does not help, proceed to the next steps.

This issue can be related to Antivirus-software such as Windows Defender. This is the M-Files Support article describing the problems: https://m-files.force.com/s/article/MFStatus-exe-is-not-running

To immediately fix this you can do one of the following things:

1. Right-click the M-Files icon in the task bar/notification area, click “Show Status”:

2. Or Restart the computer

To permanently try to fix this issue, do the following:

1. Search for “virus” in the Windows search bar and click Virus & threat protection:

2. Go to the section Virus & threat protection settings and click Manage settings:

3. Go to the bottom and look for the Section “Exclusions”. Click Add or remove exclusions:

4.  Click Yes to allow access (This might require Administrator Access. In this case send this instruction to the customers IT responsible)

5. Click + Add on exclusion and select “Folder”

Go to C:\Window\Program Files and single click the M-Files folder. Then click Select Folder:

The list of exclusions should now look like this.

Please restart your computer after this is done.

​If this does not help, then try to re-install M-Files.

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