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SimplerQMS 3.0.1 Release Notes (Patch)

Effective Date: 2023-04-04

ID: SQ-298

Description: Processes are by mistake mentioned as an added property based on the template target class. The issue is that it gets populated to all Change Request Templates.

Improvement: The risk is small as it is only on the template and not the actual Change Request record that the setting is incorrect, but it can add to the confusion as it is not expected. The action is to change the metadata card configuration from property “Processes” to “Affected Processes”.

ID: SQ-297

Description: On document types, the property “SimplerQMS Settings List” is not read-only, and Requires Controlled Printing is visible and required as a default setting. The current setting is not as expected and requires configuration that is not needed.


  • Change the setting on the class “Document Type” where “Requires Controlled Printing” should not be required.
  • Metadata card configuration changes to ensure read-only on “SimplerQMS Setting List” and “Controlled Printing”.

The changes in the patch ensure that when creating a new document type, only values relevant to the customer’s needs are to be filled.

ID: SQ-318

Description: Recorded Issue workflow problem – does not allow for signing for “No CAPA Needed” and having values in “Reporting Details”.

Improvement: Ensure that the Recorded Issue Workflow allows signing for No CAPA needed in the Issue Handler Assessment state when Reporting details are present. The changes eliminate the risk that the recorded issue workflow cannot move forward if this combination of variables is present.

ID: SQ-320

Description: View column update – for Document Types.

Improvement: Remove the column for “Controlled Printing” – as it is not relevant information when Controlled Printing is not Enabled (Currently for all customers).

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