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SimplerQMS 2.8.1 Release Notes (Patch)

Effective Date: 2022-05-10

ID: SQ-5

Description: New view is created to help users prioritise the documents in need of more urgent attention:

  • My Views > “1.14 Awaiting My Review or Approval”

This view enables the user to see all the documents that are awaiting current user’s approval or review.

ID: SQ-23

Description: This patch creates the missing button that allows creating change requests for documents created before the 2.8 upgrade.

ID: SQ-30

Description: Views 2 > 10 > 1.5, 1.6 have updated filtering to show more accurate results.

ID: SQ-26

Description: Views related to learning rules (2 > 11 > 4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5) now show newly created but not yet enabled rules.

ID: SQ-24

Description: This patch fixes the inability to select documents created before the 2.8 upgrade for retirement.

ID: SQ-25

Description: This patch fixes the issue of approver properties not being cleared on quality document or template after the rejection of the related change request if the quality document or template was approved prior to rejecting the entire CR.

ID: SQ-31

Description: Updated filtering on the “Parent Document” property preventing undesired implications.

ID: SQ-34

Description: View 2 > 14 > 1.1 has fixed filtering.

ID: SQ-51

Description: Fixed permission settings on Controlled Document Processing workflow.

ID: SQ-52

Description: Fixed CAPA references on the migrated recorded issues from v2.7.

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