Case Studies

Case: Reapplix

Medical Device Company

Vendor Selection Criteria

  • ISO13485 Certified
  • Medical Device Industry Expertise

Key Benefits

  • Save time
  • Audit-Ready System


Case: SCA

Hygiene product manufacturer with 4000 employees

Vendor Selection Criteria

  • Operations needed to comply with all the relevant standards and requirements

Key Benefits

  • Significantly improved document management system
  • Focus on core business

SCA Hygiene Products

Case: Lypanosys

Pharmaceutical company with 5 employees

Vendor Selection Criteria

  • Flexible cloud-based document management system

Key Benefits

  • Searching for documents and sorting has become much easier
  • Faster and more reliable access to documents no matter where you are


Case: Roal

Biotechnology company with 150 employees

Vendor Selection Criteria

  • Document management system with advanced version control

Key Benefits

  • All quality documents are now completely under control, up-to-date and easily traceable
  • Certification processes were significantly strengthened


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