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SCA Hygiene Products

Audit-ready QMS

Sustainable development is a central part of SCA's business model. The environment, quality and health and safety are taken into consideration in all of the group’s activities – all the way from production, selecting materials and logistical planning and the products delivered to market, through marketing and sales operations. The operations models and management systems at SCA are audited according to quality management system guidelines outlined in the ISO 9001 standard the environmental management system standard ISO 14001, and the occupational health and safety standard OHSAS 18001. Oy SCA Hygiene Product Ab deployed M-Files to meet the electronic quality and document management requirements of these standards. M-Files QMS hosts the company’s quality manuals, process descriptions, instructions, technical drawings, OSHA requirements, training records, chemical register and nonconformance reports (NCRs).

"With M-Files, we can be sure that our operations comply with all the relevant standards and requirements, which in turn means that our customers get to enjoy products of uniform quality.”

Jenni Vainio, Quality and Environmental Manager, Oy SCA Hygiene Product Ab

“From a quality manager’s point of view in particular, M-Files has significantly improved our document management system and has made my life a lot easier"

Jenni Vainio, Quality and Environmental Manager, Oy SCA Hygiene Product Ab

Instructions, Audits and Version Control with M-Files

“We conduct annual systems audits. Take for example our instructions. They used to be stored on network drives and even managed as printouts on the factory walls, so we needed to spend a lot of time on document management before each audit,” explains Jenni Vainio, the Quality and Environmental Manager at Oy SCA Hygiene Product Ab. “Now, all the necessary quality and instruction documents, as well as SOPs, are stored and managed within M-Files and we can rest assured that year after year, our document management system will meet the requirements for our certification.”
SCA has created a document template in M-Files for publishing new instructions, making the process quick and easy. Tracking the changes made to documents is also simple with M-Files – the system automatically adds and saves updated information, or the author and time of the update, in the header. This information is based on automatic metadata taken from M-Files, so it’s always up to date and can’t be edited manually.

“One of the key elements of quality management is version control. With M-Files we can make sure that only the most recent version of a document is available for access, with no duplicates. In addition, the draft and the public version of a document have different paths in M-Files: The public version is available to everyone until the draft has been accepted and published as the new public version. This means that we can modify the draft, but the amendments can only be seen by the people responsible for updating the document. In terms of quality management, this feature is extremely important,” Vainio says.

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